Torrington Aquathon

15th June 2017
On Thursday 15th children from Holywell attended the aquathon at Torrington.  Our children ranged from year 3 to year 6 and had to swim lengths in the swimming pool and then complete a run around a football pitch and the commons.  For many of the children, this was their first aquathon experience, especially for the year 3s, so the complexities of putting a t-shirt and trainers on when wet was something of a challenge!
Year 3 girls: Madison Wilson 9th, Lannah Barrow 24th
Year 4 boys: Cooper 39th
Year 4 girls: Kodie Harmer 28th, Katy Pullen 33rd
Year 5 boys: Chalie Marshall 13th, Findlay Lloyd 30th, Adam Rashid 37th, Aidan Milton 47th
Year 5 girls: Leah Smith 31st, Francesa Lewis 34th
Year 6 boy: Nathan Pullen 19th, Sonny Worsley 28th
Year 6 girl: Summah Barrow 18th