Chandler's story

Please read this fantastic writing by Chandler aged 10.
Based on the fairy tale Straw into Gold.
Once in a dark forbidden forest, lived a wolf.  Most people would be frightened of a wolf that lived in a dark forest, but no.  This was not the case.  This wolf was something to not be frightened about.  He had two teeth (which were his front ones), was fluffy, his tail was bushy, he was retired and he's also quite chunky.  I could go on and on all day, but there's a story about this fellow wolf.
Because he was retired, he normally just sat there, alone waiting for his prey to turn up in front of him.  This may seem shocking, but this "scary wolf" was wanted.  It may sound crazy, but I can assure you it's not.  In his past he hunted down loads of animals maybe like 4 a day sometimes, which was terrible!  That's why he's wanted.  Not alive, but DEAD.
That's why he just sat there, alone in a forest.
About two days later.
The wold was sound asleep until leaves started to rustle, which disturbed him.  He woke up to see three angry pigs.  There were hairy, stinky, dirty and they all had curly tails.  Their names were Fleet, John and Joe.  
"Does this match the description Joe?" asked Fleet.  
"I think so, let's get him", shouted John.
The games had begun.  The wolf was quickly on the run and the pigs were slowly behind him with FLAME THROWERS!  The flame thrower skimmed the bottm of the wolf but he escaped into the distance.  The pigs crouched through the spiky bushes to see a house made of long, soft hay.
The small pigs looked at each other with evil smirks.  They flicked their powerful flame throwers on and whoosh!  The fire started to spread quickly around the house but the old retired wolf made a run for it.  He barely made it out in one piece.
Joe gave John a strong high five.  They thought they'd got him for good.  Until, after they looked in the burnt remains to see no body.  The celebration was over for the pigs, they were on the hunt again.  The wolf was out of breath so he tried finding a hide out nearby.  He case across a house made of solid wood so he crept inside it.
The pigs were not far behind and about 2 minutes later they came across it.  "Something looks fishy about this" exclaimed Fleet.  Because the wolf hadn't showered in days and the pigs could smell him!  Once again they got their outrageously hot flame throws out and started to him.  WHOOSH, WHOOSH, the fire easily took down the wooden house. 
The fearful wolf, with two sharp front teeth, made it out alive yet again!  The three little pigs started to argue. 
"It was your fault", said Fleet.
"No yours!" shouted John.
The wolf on the other hand had a plan.  He came across a house made of metal!  They were getting a little hungry while patiently waiting in the small house.  He had another plan.  An evil plan.
The pigs were miserably walking to their next destination.  When the three little pigs arrived at the metal house, they realised that their horrendously hot flame throwers couldn't burn through steel, nor metal.
"What do you say, through the window?" asked one of the mischievous pigs.
"I think so", said Joe.
They climbed into the glass window one after another.  When the pigs all got in.  CHOMP!
The wolf ate the 3 little pigs for his dinner with is two wonky teeth.  After  that, nobody ever dared to step foot in the deep, dark forbidden forest again.