Welcome to Squirrel's Class 2021 - 2022
We are a class of year 5 and 6 children who really do enjoy learning.  We always try our best no matter what we are asked to do.  Our love of learning is most evident in maths, PE, art and outdoor learning, but we smile our way through all of our school days.
We have a friendly squirrel (cuddly!) called Cheesepuff who gets to go home with the child that has shown that their light has shone even more brightly.
The adults you will find helping us with our learning are; Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Scott and Miss Derges.
Science Day
On Monday 6th June Cognition (Creative Learning Cornwall) came to the school and completed the following workshop with Squirrel's class: In this fast paced workshop we look at how cars have changed over the years. What elements have developed to create speed as well as style and more environmentally friendly alternatives. The pupils will build a race car using our LEGO robotics kits, then use scientific processes to predict, test, modify and test again until they have created the ultimate race car. The session ends with a drag race to see which car is the fastest.   The children had the best time!
Easter Service
As a whole school we went to St Peter's Church to celebrate Easter with our families.  The children in Squirrel's class retold the last part of the Easter story by producing some amazing artwork.  They also wrote and shared prayers about how they were thankful for their lives while reflecting on the war in Ukraine.
Easter Egg Hunt
To celebrate the fun side of Easter Squirrel's enjoyed an Easter egg hunt in the Holywell Hollow.  Thankfully everybody manages to find their egg!
March 2022 - Marvellous Middle - Carnival Time!
To celebrate and recap on our learning about South America so far we used the link between Carnival and Lent to have an afternoon of research, craft and music.  
We researched Carnivals in South America, what they meant to the people and the requirements needed to make this celebration look like that of an authentic South American carnival.
We made head-dresses of bright colours.  Created some music using percussion instruments - trying to replicate the samba beat.
We finished our afternoon by playing pinata with our very own pinata creation. 
Spring Term - South America Stunning Start
To start this terms topic about South America, we wore clothes that represented the colours of the flags from a chosen country within South America.  We then used our investigations of the flags to create collages of each of the 12 countries found in South America.
World Book Day - March 2022
To celebrate World Book Day we dressed up as characters from books.  
We also joined in with The Incredible Story and used the online resource to learn about the ingredients needed to make a good book.
This also inspired us to be come authors and create incredible stories of our own.
Fabulous Finish
For our Autumn term fabulous finish we followed recipes and cooked foods that were eaten during WWII.  We had a feast in class during the afternoon and quizzed each other around our terms learning.  We were quite surprised about the foods we liked and the ones we didn't!
Marvellous Middle
To celebrate our learning around WWII we asked Reverand Gary to support the school in holding a Remembrance Service.  We all stood and reflected on the the war memorial that is in the memory garden beside the school.  The year 6 children completed some readings and led the school in prayers. 
In class the children learnt about the significance of the poppy and we created some artwork both individually and as groups to help us really think about the sacrifices that members of our military have made over the years and across many conflicts.
Day 1 of St George's House residential
Today we arrived, found the adventure playground and the settled into our rooms. 
We then went to Putsborough to play some games and eat lunch - the weather was very kind!
After this, we returned to St Georges to prepare for the afternoons activities.  Our groups did surfing, cycling and archery - photos to follow.
We had a hearty tea, with pudding and then did a night walk around the village.  We finished the day with some down time and a relatively early night - some very tired children already :-)
Day 1 Continued - Mrs H's Surfing group (all Y5 and some Y6 girls)
Day 2 of St George's House residential
Today was our all day walk.  We started at Morethoe, went around to Bull Point, onto Morte Point, headed to Woolacombe and finished at Putsborough.  A very up and down walk, but we had lots of breaks for energy snacks and some amazing views to keep us going.  Thanks to Miss May's amazing seal spotting skills, some of us even saw a seal in the water and one on the rocks (see if you can spot it in one of the photos).  At the start of the walk we thought it would be about a six mile walk, but Mrs H's watch showed closer to eight and a half, by the end - I think the children will sleep well tonight!
Day 3 of St George's House residential

This morning we headed to Ilfracombe Harbour to do some canoeing and a history walk.  The weather was absolutely amazing and the conditions could not have been more perfect for these two activities today.  During the canoeing, the children used their understanding of how to steer and move the canoes by playing games named: Sharks and Seals and Pirate Cannonball.  We were so entertaining with our games that we even drew a crowd!   This afternoon we headed back to the beach and participated in rock scrambling, everybody had a go and some children really stretched and tested their strength and bravery. 

Day 4 of St George's House residential
Today the weather was once again amazing.  Across the two Holywell groups we have participated in: archery, cycling, swimming, a photo walk and a cold water swim!  The children have embraced everything with so much enthusiasm and have been so supportive to others, when they have been a little unsure or worried about trying new activities.  St George's House instructors have been superb at really understanding our children and consequently all children have tried and conquered all activities.  We really could not be more proud of each and everyone of them.
Day 5 of St George's House residential
We started the day with a hearty breakfast, before packing and tidying our rooms.  Together we managed to reunite children with some lost property and then headed to the park.  We joined in with a carousel of activities; Uni-hoc, French cricket, play area and a tag game.  Our final event of the residential was a tug of war event - Holywell A, were crowned the overall winners and Holywell staff beat that of St George's house!!  A really lovely way to end an amazing, but busy week.  Thank you St George's house for helping us build confidence, friendships and memories. 
This Autumn term we are going to be learning all about World War Two.
To start off our learning we had a 'Stunning Start'.  On this day we dressed as people would have done during the Second World War.  We had a visit from Rob Palmer, who talked us through the box of artefacts we had borrowed from the Barnstaple museum.  It was a day of investigation and we used our artistic skills to capture images of ourselves and the artefacts.
We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures from our Stunning Start.