School Team

  • Mrs Denham

    Mrs Denham is the executive headteacher of Holywell and Bratton Fleming Schools.

  • Mrs Coulam

    Teacher - Reception & Nursery

    Mrs Coulam teaches in the Robins Class, (Reception). She is responsible for Design Technology and Art and Design and Humanities. She loves to teach our younger pupils and has a wonderful way to make learning a fun and exciting time. She has a lovely big classroom in the old thatched part of the school and she has devloped a super outdoor play area for our pupils.

  • Mrs Hathway

    Teacher - Year 3 & 4

    Mrs Hathway teaches Foxes Class part time.

  • Mrs Callie Bellew

    Teacher - Years 3 & 4

  • Mrs Palmer


    Mrs Palmer has many skills. She has worked at Holywell since September 1999 in various roles. She is available in the school office every morning and afternoon. If you need any information about the school, Mrs Palmer is the person to speak to in the first instance.

  • Mr Anderson


    Mr Anderson is the school caretaker and cleaner. He does an amazing job keeping the school looking lovely and making sure it is safe for us! Nothing is ever too much trouble and he can often be found working on his next project - often involving wood and a saw!

  • Mrs Huckstep

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Huckstep works 1:1 with a child in Squirrels Class. She originally trained as a Nursery Nurse and has worked with children from birth to school age for just over 20 years. She is a mum of two who attend a local school in Barnstaple.

  • Miss May

    Teaching Assistant

    Miss May supports some of the SEND children in school, working both on and off site. She does a lot of other work as well, particularly supporting Year 2 when she can and also spending time with other classes. She has lots of experience of outdoor activities.

  • Mr Buckton

    Teaching Assistant

    Mr Buckton works supporting one of our SEND children and is based in Squirrels class, where he is very much part of and valued by the whole class.

  • Mrs Hammond

    Teacher - Year 1 & 2

    Mrs Hammond teaches in the Hedgehogs Class (Years 2). She is an amazing, very busy lady - she is our SENco, has responsibility for Literacy and she is also our Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer. She runs several after school clubs and gives up many hours supporting our children at various sporting events. She is very passionate about getting children to love to learn to read!

    I joined the Holywell staff in September 2000, as an NQT. I first taught in years 2 and 3, and then settled into years 1 and 2 until more recently teaching years 2, 3 and 4. I love teaching at Holywell due to the wonderful children and fantastic staff, who all make Holywell feel more like a big family than simply a school or place of work. I am particularly sporty and am enthusiastic in leading our extra curricular sporting activities, of which there are many!

  • Mrs Curtis

    Teacher - Year 5 & 6

    Mrs Curtis is a wonderful teacher for our older pupils. She teaches in Squirrels Class (Years 5 and 6). She is responsible for Mathematics, ICT and Modern Foreign Languages. She is a whizz on the computer and loves all things to do with data! She works very hard preparing our older pupils for their transition onto secondary school.

    I have been teaching at Holywell since 2005 and particularly enjoy the challenge of teaching the older children. As a part-time teacher I have also provided cover in other classes and so have usually had the chance to teach every child in school by the time they join Squirrels Class. Whilst I have responsibility for leading Mathematics across the school and find this subject exciting and challenging, I also love language and enjoy the creative process of writing. I love my role as a class teacher, enjoying the different opportunities and challenges that every day brings. Outside of school my interests include walking, geocaching, reading and getting to music festivals and concerts whenever I have the opportunity.

  • Mrs Garland

    Teaching Assistant/HLTA

    Mrs Garland is a very experienced teaching assistant working in the Hedgehogs Class. She is also our HLTA (Higher Learning Teaching Assistant), who works in different classes in the school.
    She is our Thrive teacher and loves to be in our Rainbow Room working with children!

  • Mrs Carlyon

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Carlyon works as a teaching assistant in Foxes class and supports the 1:1 TAs when required.

    I strive to make learning fun and try to balance providing support and encouraging independence to make everyday in school a happy one. I love the outdoors, particularly the school's hollow and it's surroundings.

  • Ms Scott

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Scott works mainly in Squirrels class as a Teaching Assistant, though she also spends time at the other end of the school with the younger children in Robins! She also teaches Art as part of our Friday curriculum carousel and has a degree in the subject.

  • Ms Benstead

    Pre School Leader

    Ms Benstead is the much loved teacher of our Pre School children, who are based in Robins class.

  • Mrs Langdon Rolfe

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Rolfe works in Robins class with our younger children and is also much valued by our older children, helping to supervise lunchtimes for us.