North Devon Schools Gymnastics Competition

26th March 2017
North Devon School’s Gymnastics competition On Sunday 26th March a team of children from Holywell participated in the North Devon Schools gymnastics competition at Falcon’s gym.
It was a very busy day, with all of the Holywell children showing off their amazing gymnastic talents. The children’s application and team spirit was delightful to see, as were the smiles on their faces. Thank you all for representing the school and making Mrs Hammond a very, very proud teacher.
An extra big well done to; Bobby Barrow, who not only won the U7 Novice Boys competition, but completed his floor routine to such a high and accurate standard that he won the award for the highest floor score in the entire competition. Bobby’s silverware did not end here, as his developing talents as a gymnast were noticed by the judges and he was also awarded the trophy for ‘Most promising gymnast’! A phenomenal achievement in his first competition.
Madison Wilson achieved an individual silver medal in the U9 Intermediate girls and also achieved the highest score on floor for her age and intermediate element of the competition. Within the team segment of the competition, Holywell once again did very well with lots of medals being collected.
U9 Novice boys: Charlie Wileman, Cooper Vine, Fred Cockbain and Louie Isaac – 2 nd
U9 Intermediate Girls: Anastasia Evans, Holly Perfect, Lottie Perfect and Isabelle Westaway – 3 rd
U9 Intermediate Mixed: Charlie Wileman, Fred Cockbain, Cooper Vine and Madison Wilson – 3 rd
U11 Novice Mixed: Summah Barrow, Tabitha Andrews, Francesca Lewis, Oliver Lardner and Monty Andrews – 2 nd U11
Intermediate Mixed: Summah Barrow, Tabitha Andrews, Francesca Lewis and Monty Andrews – 3 rd
Individual Results are as follows:
U7 Novice: Bobby Barrow 3 rd (1st Boy), Maisy Wileman 30th , Sophia Rosser 30th , Emily Madden 35th , Matilda Matthews 37th , Chloe Jenkins 55th , Tia Evans 57th Grace-Anne Bearman 59th , Ruby Evans 63rd , Flossie Evans 70th , Evangeline Ingle 84th , Henry Clarke 86th, Chloe Williams 87th , Poppy Westaway 93rd
U9 Novice: Holly Perfect 28th , Lottie Perfect 56th , Cooper Vine 63rd , Isabelle Westaway 69th , Fred Cockbain 85th , Charlie Wileman 98th , Louie Isaac 99th
U9 Intermediate: Madison Wilson 2 nd , Anastasia Evans 16th , Holly Perfect 17th , Lottie Perfect 23rd, Isabelle Westaway 29th , Charlie Wileman 32nd , Cooper Vine 34th , Fred Cockbain 35th
U11 Novice: Summah Barrow 7 th , Tabitha Andrews 13th , Monty Andrews 33rd , Francesca Lewis 54th , Oliver Lardner 54th U11 Intermediate: Summah Barrow 34th , Tabitha Andrews 40th , Monty Andrews 47th , Francesca Lewis 50th
Special Mentions: A big thank you and well done to: Lottie Perfect, Louie Isaac and Monty Andrews who participated in the age group above their actual age so that the school would have a team for the competition – just think how prepared you will be next year!